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Most Sought After Properties In Singapore


The real estate industry has been flourishing over the years. The fascinating high-rise building, commercial complexes, residential townships have drastically changed the face of cities world over. One of the dream destinations desired by many as their home in Singapore. In recent times, this city has grown economically and commercially with a mixed population of inherent and people from around the world. One of the prime properties of the city’s Marina One. In fact, investing in condominiums which are featured in the list of world top properties as south after as per www.realtor.com.

The property has been developed as a Condominium located in the financial hub of the city Marina Bay, with lush green parks and city’s MRT station in convenient proximity. Some of the city’s famous dining places, entertainment, and cultural hubs are just a few miles away. As a whole making it a very lucrative for any property aspirant.

At the end of the day more than anything else, the construction quality, amenities available, area of the house, and most importantly the cost factor is what matters while taking up any property. Hence its really necessary to understand the concept of condos to ensure a hassle-free experience once you move in the property.

The Condominium is basically individual owned property, with other common amenities like club, park etc. being shared among the owners under the supervision of an association. There this additional financial commitment of maintenance charges to be borne by the owner on a periodic basis for the taking acre of additional facilities for social welfare among the community.
Some of the advantages of living in condos are:

1. No botheration of cleaning up the garden and yard- Since this part of the property is commonly owned, unlike individual houses, one is free from the trouble of cleaning up the yard, mowing the garden as this the association takes all care. Hence you enjoy the feel of greenery and cleanliness around you.

2. Socializing and community development- This concept of varied families coming from different background staying together encourages community development. With various gathering arranged on multiple occasions, you get an opportunity to meet new people and make a friend circle for yourself over the time.

3. Experience with world-class amenities- In case of individual houses, affording luxurious amenities tends to be quite expensive and practically not feasible. But in the event of condos builders offer high-end facilities like swimming pool, clubhouse, various sports amenities, parks, water bodies, fountains etc. which you can enjoy and avail the service at a very nominal contribution at the time of buying the property.

4. Safety and security- Since these properties are generally gated communities, with a dedicated 24 hours security assistance for surveillance, the safety factor is well taken care of. With increasing crime and uncertainties in our lifestyles, this is actually a significant consideration while choosing a house for yourself.
Hence the new age culture of condos is truly brought a revolution in real estate market.

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